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3CX SBC unable to reach the 3CX server

Description We have a customer who is having problems installing 3CX SBC. The error message was Cannot obtain provisional data. We checked that the customer's 3CX FQDN was entered correctly and that the SBC's operating system is 3CX supported OS. We couldn't tell what the problem was for a while. Troubleshooting [...]

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How to solve install-instance-manager returned error code 255 error

Description The following error code occurs when enable the 3CX Instance Management: install-instance-manager returned error code 255 How to solve switch to root user and input following command: wget -O - https://downloads-global.3cx.com/downloads/misc/debianpatches/9/16/0/5/20200619-os-update.sh | bash After e [...]

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DIDs and extensions will be one to one

In the 3CX, if the sip trunk have many DIDs, the DIDs and extensions can be set as one to one, it means when one extension calls out through the sip trunk, one specific DID will display on the screen of the callee. When anyone dials the DID number from outside, the specific extension will ring too. In order to r [...]

3CX Mailbox Server Test 5.7.0 Denied Error

Overview The mailbox server in the 3CX server is very important for the 3CX system. The mailbox server is used to send various notification emails, such as sending welcome emails to extension users and sending various types of event emails to designated extensions. Our free version of 3CX currently uses an SMTP [...]

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How to block the call from 3CX IVR extension

How to block the call from 3CX IVR extension Overview If we create a Digital Receptionistextension (Also called IVR extension) when we using 3CX system, then after the call is sent to the IVR, other extension numbers can be dialed directly from the IVR extension. Many companies will bind the company's [...]

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How to use Putty to connect to Alibaba ECS that using SSH key pair

How to use Putty to connect to Alibaba ECS that using SSH key pair Why use a key pair for Alibaba Cloud ECS? Alibaba Cloud SSH key pair is a secure and convenient login authentication method. It consists of a public key and a private key, and only supports Linux instances. The SSH key pair generates a pair of ke [...]

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