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Change the prompt text of 3CX live chat popup

If you hope to change the prompt text of 3CX live chat popup, for example, the default text is name, you hope to change it as name and number, you can refer to the steps below: create the code you want in 3CX website(https://www.3cx.com/live-chat/code-generator/); download the file callus.js from the link(https://cdn.3cx.com/livechat/v1/callus.js) of code: Please open the link in the Edge browser, in toolbar, please go to more->more tools->save page as, and save the file to the local computer. open the .js file using VS code, and search the related word "Auth":{"Submit":"Chat","Name": then edit name as name and number like this: After that, please save the settings. upload the file to a location which can be accessible from Internet; change the new link in the code: upload the code to the company website, and the test result is like this:

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AudioCodes IP phones register as Teams SIP device configuration

SIP Gateway lets your organization use any compatible SIP device with Microsoft Teams to preserve your investments in SIP devices. Now you can sign-in to Teams with your corporate credentials and make and receive calls with a compatible SIP device. Compatible devices can be Skype for Business IP phones with standard SIP firmware, Cisco IP phones with multiplatform SIP firmware, or SIP devices from vendors such as Poly, Yealink, and AudioCodes. To find out how to configure your SIP devices for SIP Gateway, see Configure SIP Gateway. Let's take AudioCodes 440HD as an example to introduce how to register AudioCodes phones as SIP devices for Microsoft Teams. Restore the phone to default settings If this phone not restore to default, please follow below steps: On the phone, open the Restore Defaults screen (MENU key > Administration > Restore Defaults) Press the Select softkey; a warning message appears requesting you to confirm. Press the Yes softkey to confirm reset to defaults or No to cancel. Verify that SIP Gateway is available for your organization Sign in to the Teams admin center. At the left, select Teams devices and see if the SIP devices tab is visible. If it is, the SIP Gateway service is enabled for your organization. Enable SIP Gateway for the users in your organization You can enable SIP Gateway for your organization in either of two ways: by using the Teams admin center, or by using a PowerShell cmdlet. By using Teams admin center To enable SIP Gateway in the Teams admin center, follow these steps: Go to the Teams admin center At the left, under Voice, select Calling policies. At the right under Manage policies, select the appropriate calling policy assigned to users or, if necessary, create a new calling policy and assign it to the required users. Select Manage policies, select a policy, and then select Edit. Turn on [...]

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Use a scripst install 3cx on debian 10

Introduction When 3CX was based on Debian 9 Stretch, the Debian 9 command-line installation of 3CX was officially supported, but after upgrading to Debian 10 Buster, 3CX has made deeper customization to the ISO and the command-line installation method has been officially removed from the official website. Local installations can use the 3CX ISO, but many cloud providers do not support the ISO installation method. After we unpacked and analyzed the 3CX ISO, we found that the 3CX ISO was executing the installation script on the Debian 10 ISO. So we are going to share how to install 3CX on a Debian 10 image using a script. the installation is the same as the official image installation. Preparations First you need to prepare the operating system for Debian 10.To install on a cloud server, just select the public image of Debian 10 in the mirror market and install it, or for a local installation, download it using the following link: debian-10.11.0-amd64-netinst.iso. Installation by script Log in to the Linux server using the root user and enter the following commands in order: wget -O /tmp/post-install http://downloads.3cx.com/downloads/debian10iso/post-install_10.11.0_4b27dc5.txt chmod +x /tmp/post-install                                       bash /tmp/post-install                                           We can check if the script is installed successfully by executing the command: ls -l /usr/bin/3CX* /etc/systemd/system/3CX* The files in the image below all exist, indicating that there are no problems. Then execute the following command to install 3CX: bash /usr/local/bin/post-install Choose 3CX System to install: Agree end user License agreement: The system will be rebooted when the installation is complete, and the screen in the picture will be displayed when the installation is successful: After entering 1, open the ip:5015 port in [...]

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DNAKE IP video intercom registered to 3CX

Although DNAKE IP Video Intercom is not officially certified by 3CX. But as long as it supports the standard SIP protocol, you can successfully register to the 3CX system by manually filling in the 3CX extension account into the DNAKE IP video intercom. 1、Create 2 extensions in 3CX for use by DNAKE IP Video Intercom. The authentication ID and password of the 3CX extension are shown in the figure below: 2、Access the web interface of DNAKE IP Video Intercom and fill in the information of the 3CX extension. As shown below: 3、After filling in the information referring to the above figure, click "Submit" to submit the registration. Then go to the homepage to confirm whether the registration is successful. As shown below: 4、Set the forwarding number. So that the intercom device can call the 3CX extension. As shown below: 5、Access the web interface of DNAKE IP Indoor Station and register 3CX extension. As shown below: 6、After filling in the information referring to the above figure, click "Submit" to submit the registration. Then go to the homepage to confirm whether the registration is successful. As shown below: After both devices are registered successfully. You can test the call to confirm whether the call is normal. When the DNAKE IP Video Intercom dials the DNAKE IP Indoor Station, the DNAKE IP Indoor Station can preview the video screen of the DNAKE IP Video Intercom. Known issues: After the DNAKE IP Indoor Station is restarted, the video preview function temporarily fails, and it will be normal in about ten minutes. Because the DNAKE intercom equipment has not been officially certified and tested by 3CX, there may be some compatibility problems.

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How to Upgrade 3CX to V18

Windows version 3CX upgrade from V16 to V18 requires uninstalling V16 version and reinstalling the V18 3CX. 3CX describes in the documentation how to upgrade to version V18: Login to the Management console and go to "Backup and Restore". Take a full backup configuration (incl. Vmails and Recordings) for safety precautions. Uninstall 3CXPhoneSystem V16. Install 3CXPhoneSystem V18. Download the latest version from your Customer portal account. Restore backup. Wait until the installation is complete. You can see that we need to do a full backup and restore the backup. But if our 3CX is deployed in the cloud, such as AWS, google cloud, Azure. And the recording files take up more than half of the hard disk space, there is no way to do a full backup, because the space is not enough. So in this case, how should I upgrade my PBX to V18? I'd suggest creating a new drive in Windows which will serve as the Recordings storage. Copy the recordings from your 3CX PBX recordings location to the new drive's recordings folder (e.g D:\Recordings). Once confirmed that they're copied over, take a backup of the PBX without recordings. Once completed, delete the recordings from the primary drive. Uninstall the v16 PBX, download and install the v18 PBX using your backup. Once installed, in the Management Console, navigate to Recordings and set the location to the D:\Recordings folder where you copied the recordings to.

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Remote auto provisioning of Fanvil phones using Fanvil FDPS server

If a large number of the Fanvil phones need to remotely register to 3CX server, in addition to using the RPS server of 3CX to assign auto provisioning links to the phone, the FDPS server of Fanvil can also realize this function. Here we will describe how to remote auto provision the Fanvil phones using FDPS server.   Prerequisites: 3CX server 1.Disable rps in 3CX server. Here we assume that 3CX is installed in linux operation system: ssh to 3CX server using putty, and change rps from 1 to 0 in the fanvil template file fanvil.ph.xml(rps is in the line 49). After that, press ctrl+x to exit, and press y to save, then press enter key to go back to the command line. Here please make sure the 3CX system upgrading will not change the rps value. 2.Login the 3CX management console, create the extension, in the page of Phone Provisioning, click Add, input the phone model and mac address, then click OK.   choose the Direct SIP (STUN - remote) in the option Provisioning Method. Here we can also modify the other settings, like phone display language, timezone, phone web page password and so on. After confirming all the settings, click the OK button in the top of page. That is all the phone settings in 3CX server side.   Prerequisites: FDPS server 1.Login the FDPS server(https://fdps.fanvil.com/), and input the phone MAC address and model. Firstly, choose DEVICE in the top of page, and click Add button: Here we can batch input the phone information in the exported template file, then upload it to the server: We can also input the phone information manually: After finishing the settings, we can find the phone list: 2.set the phone auto provisioning link, and bind it to the related phone. Click GROUP in the top of page, then click Add button: We can name group: [...]

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3CX extensions cannot call out through FXO gateway

Question: 3CX is installed in the cloud server, and VOPTech FXO gateway is installed in the local network, after FXO gateway registers to 3CX in gateway mode, 3CX extensions can receive the inbound call from FXO gateway, but 3CX extensions cannot call out through the FXO gateway. When 3CX extensions call out, the FXO gateway does not receive any call logs (Logs->Call message), it indicates that the call does not reach the gateway. In order to check if firewall or router in gateway side stops the sip calls, we open the sip port and rtp port of gateway in the firewall or router, but the gateway still can not receive any call logs. Solution: When 3CX extensions call out, we make a capture in 3CX server, and find that 3CX keeps sending the invite requests to the public IP of gateway, but 3CX does not receive any responses from gateway. After that, we make a capture in 3CX to check the registration port of gateway, and find that the registration port is not the local sip port of gateway, the local sip port is 5060, but the registration port is 1025: In the sip trunk of 3CX, after we change the port 5060 as 1025, 3CX extensions can call out through the FXO gateway. As usual, gateway uses 5060 port to register, after the gateway goes through the firewall or router in gateway side, the registration port is changed as 1025. Then we find that the port 5060 is used by the other devices in the port forwarding of firewall, so we change the local port as any other port in the FXO gateway, the registration port which 3CX receives from gateway will be the local port of gateway. Suggestions: In order to make sure the registration port which 3CX receives from gateway is same as the local port of gateway, and also [...]

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Set speed dial in batch

Question: Speed dial is a function which provides an easy method of calling a telephone number by pressing fewer digits on the keypad. For example, when 3CX extension dials 1001, the mobile number 135123456456 will ring, it is easy to set, and in the outbound rules, we can set it like this: But if we will set a large of numbers for speed dial, we need to set a large of outbound rules, and it will be inconvenient to configure. Solutions: We can set many extensions which are used for speed dial, and these extensions will not register, when any other working extensions dial these extensions, the corresponding mobiles will ring. The steps are as follows: 1. Export the extensions template, and add the extensions and corresponding mobiles, and some other settings, after that, please import the template to 3CX. 2. Select the imported extensions in batch, and click edit: In the forward rules, forward the internal calls to the mobile when the selected extensions are unregistered. After that, when any working extensions dial the unregistered extensions, the related mobile will ring.  

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