Branch Connection

Branch Connection Introduction

Calling branch office workers, home-based employees, and enabling companies to distribute the features and applications of the 3CX solution. You can connect two remote 3CX Systems together, enabling calls between branch offices for free just by utilizing your existing internet connection. A “Bridge” can be assigned a prefix, which you will dial to access the other 3CX Phone System. This prefix must be followed by the extension number you wish to reach on the other 3CX Phone System.


Branch Connection Networking


voip branch solution
voip branch solution



Branch status Display


The system supports multiple branches to connect to each other. After the connection, the user can see from the 3CX Web client interface whether other branches are successfully connected, and the online status of other branch colleagues can also be queried. Click on their avatar to call them.

SOHO office

The snom ip phone in the SOHO office can be registered to the 3CX server via the Internet and then called out through the server’s external SIP TRUNK channel.

Mobile Office

Answer calls to your office phone extension via your mobile device and transfers to colleagues without asking customers to call another number. Slash your company’s mobile phone costs, increase productivity and make sure you never miss a call again!


The branch office is connected to the headquarters through a VPN-MPLS. The branch office needs to have a separate telephone system that deploys a 3CX system and VOIP gateway locally. Through the bridge network of 3CX, it is expected that headquarters and Branch extensions could call out via each other’s sip trunk out.


Small Branch

Small branches have a certain number of office workers, and the branch has separate phone numbers, so a voice gateway needs to be deployed. The device is connected to the 3CX server at the headquarters through MPLS. But there are no network managers. Therefore, only the voice gateway is deployed and the 3CX system at the headquarters is shared.

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