CUCM with 3CX

CUCM with 3CX Review

Many large enterprises today still use the Cisco cucm unified communications system. Of course, we also have a solution that allows Cisco phones to be registered directly on the 3CX system. You can check out this link. However, this will make many functions of the Cisco phone, such as call forwarding, address book, multi-party conference and other functions unusable. So there are still some customers who are willing to keep the entire system of Cisco. For such customers, we have proposed a solution.

CUCM with 3CX topology

CUCM with 3CX-Extension dialing

3CX and CUCM establish a SIP TRUNK with each other and then point this SIP TRUNK to the IP address of the other party. Then set up the dialing rules directly on both systems.

7900 Dialing

If the extension below CUCM is intended to be called out from the trunk of the 3CX system. We can see from the figure that the 7900 series phone is going to be called out from the 3CX SIP trunk. The system administrator needs to set up CFD in 3CX system。


SNOM dialing

As long as the SIP TRUNK dialing rules are set in CUCM. From the SNOM telephone below the 3CX, the call can be made from the external trunk of CUCM.

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