SIP Channels

SIP Channels Introduction

In order to make a phone call on the Realy PSTN network, you will need to configure Gateway/VoIP provider.

VoIP / SIP trunk providers “host” telephone lines and replace traditional telecommunications lines. ITSP providers can assign local numbers in one or more cities or countries and route those numbers to your telephone system. In most cases, they also support number porting. In general, SIP trunks are less expensive than traditional PSTN lines. However, please note that each VoIP call requires bandwidth. 3CX supports registration-based VoIP providers (relay logins with username and password) and IP-based relays (PBX links to providers based on your public IP).

SIP Channels Topology

FXO Gateway

VG4X is a reliable, cost-effective, high-performance VoIP gateway with up to 48 FXS/FXO ports, designed to meet the needs of high-traffic contact center and enterprise applications. The feature-rich VG4X allows users to consolidate analog phones, fax machines, and POS terminals, configurable with up-to-full concurrency over SIP trunks and the PSTN.

T1/E1 Gateway

E1/T1 Trunk Gateway is a compact and cost-effective media gateway solution which has been designed to interworking between PSTN & IP networks in Service Provider Networks or large-scale enterprise locations. With powerful hardware design, VGXTE1 has comprehensive PSTN access capabilities as well as SIP to SIP interworking features that enable the interconnection between all these elements.


4G/GSM Gateway

GSM/WCDAM VoIP Gateway is a multi-functional product used to effectively implement the smooth transition between PLMN (GSM) and VoIP network. The GSM/WCDMA VoIP gateway is designed for comfort, ease-of-use to satisfied necessary of customers. It is not only inherits tradition of quality voice communication over IP network but reduce the human resource of VoIP network deployment. It’s a cost-effective gateway for call termination (VoIP to GSM/WCDMA) and origination (GSM/WCDMA to VoIP). It is fully compatible with leading soft switch and SIP server.


SIP Trunk

To ensure a high-quality VoIP phone system, we strongly recommend using a supported SIP Trunk service provider with your 3CX PBX. 3CX’s Unified Communications technology is developed to be simple and flexible to ensure ease of use and management. That is why the 3CX team makes sure that all templates from listed SIP Trunk Providers are updated and tested with every release ensuring no issues arise for our users. Whether you are a small business or an enterprise customer, select your country from the list below to find a SIP Trunk provider that fits your needs. Each works closely with 3CX to provide high-quality customer service that compliments the recognized customer support that 3CX is known for.


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