3CX CRM Template Generator can be used to integrate the existing CRM and perform troubleshooting.

Here we will take Zoho CRM for an example.

Step 1: download the zoho CRM template in 3CX

Please go to settings->CRM Integration->Server Side, click the button Show template, then copy all the content to one xml file.

Step 2: download 3CX CRM Template Generator, and open the xml file in the Generator.

Please download the Generator here: 3CX CRM Template Generator

After installing the Generator, please run it, and go to File->Open, then upload the xml file.

Step 3: Edit the values in Generator

Please click Parameter Values, and copy the settings of 3CX into the corresponding options.

If we enable the functions Call Journaling and Contact Creation, we need to change the values from False to True.

Step 4: Make a test

Before we test the call, we need to input the test number firstly. If we will test the function Call Journaling, we need to input the options: AgentExtension, CallNumber, CallType, EndTime, StartTime.

After that, we can right click Parameter Values and choose Report Call, it means the Generator will send the test number 1234567890 to the zoho CRM.

Then it will display the test record below the Parameter Values:

Click the test record, it will display the result on the right window like this:

Request/Response is the request which is sent from Generator, Response Text is the received reply from CRM.

If the call is not OK, we can try to find the error here(Request and Response Text), and check how to solve it.