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C52-SP Review

The Snom C520 – WiMi combined with the Snom C52-SP is the perfect solution for people who regularly hold teleconferences in large rooms or with large numbers of people. Up to three C52-SP units can be paired wirelessly with the Snom C520 – WiMi with ease, then serving as fully hands-free modules thanks to the two integrated microphones and powerful speaker.

The C52-SP can be moved around anywhere in the room at a distance of up to 50 meters enabled by wireless DECT connection and battery operation. Thanks to the fully automated voice synchronization of all microphones, all attendees can be clearly understood in optimal HD-Voice quality. The C52-SP speaker also features a very powerful battery for up to 12 hours talk time.

The C52-SP can also be wirelessly connected to any Snom desk phone featuring a USB port when connected with the A230 DECT USB stick.

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