Secure VoIP

Secure VoIP Introductions

The 3CX SBC is a popular and easy software which is deployed in X64 pc and Raspberry-pi. It is been used by many of our users to either ensure quality of service, increase security or for connectivity reasons. As a company IT administrator, secure VoIP is the top important Job for the phone system.

Secure VoIP Network topology



Soho Office-1

For this office, the sip phone registwithout SBC, the sip connection will be risky. The voip call  could be capture in the internet connection.


Soho office-2

The Free 3CX-SBC software will be installed in Raspberry-pi or a x64 vmware server,which will creat a secure 3CX tunel between Soho office-2 and 3CX headquarter  server.


3CX Mobile App

3CX APP will have an 3CX tunnel and will creat a Secure tunnel between 3CX softphone and 3CX server. All the sip and RTP traffice will be securly transmited.


3CX PC softphone


3CX SBC software download

3CX SBC software could be downloaded in the following link. We suggest you use Raspberry-pi 3+ to install it.

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