Sip Meeting

Sip Meeting introduction

3CX could provide a WEB-RTC meeting, which is preferred by globe customers. Mostly, people use PC, mobile app to join the meeting. As 3CX v15.5 SP6 is released, it gives the ability for SIP phone to dial in the meeting. What’s more, SIP Trunk incoming call could reach in 3CX web meeting as well. Today, we are going to show how this is realized.


SIP Meeting Networking topology


Cloud Meeting


3CX already deploy about 20 web meeting MUCs around the world. Any version of 3CX could have free cloud meeting ability. When 3CX users create a cloud meeting, it will generate an ID. With this ID, all the SIP terminal and sip call could reach specific cloud meeting.


Users of 3CX joining 3CX web meeting before more and more easy. Most users will choose PC to join the meeting.This is a classical meeting way, equipped with USB camera, anyone with chrome-based browser and firebox could join in the 3CX online meeting.


SIP Extension

Any sip extension of 3CX server could have the ability to call in the cloud meeting, with the meeting ID provided by 3cx server. SIP phone and conference phone could reach 3CX cloud meeting.


SIP Trunking


Of course, the PSTN number could join in the online cloud meeting as well. 3CX server will route the call to the 3CX cloud MCU and finish all the connections.


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