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Voice hardware Review

A telephone headset performs the functions of a telephone handset, but it’s worn on your head rather than held in your hand. If you are on a call for a long time, or you need your hands free for other tasks while speaking, a headset is a good way to enhance your productivity and comfort. A headset allows you to work efficiently and comfortably – you can concentrate on the conversation and on the things in front of you, and forget about the telephone. Snom headsets are tested specifically for use with the Snom telephones, and they are designed to be comfortable to wear. The microphone is noise-canceling so there is no compromise on voice quality.

Voice hardware Introduction


RJ9 Connect

All the D7XX Series IP phone also has an RJ9 interface, with this. All the headset support RJ9 could connect SNOM D7XX Phones.


Wired USB

The Snom D7XX Series IP phone also has a USB port so you can swiftly connect accessories, like USB headsets, with SNOM 100D/M + USB adapter, It could release Call control in SNOM A100D/M. For Other brand USB headsets, it could support normal Voice transmit well with SNOM USB interface.


This problem can be easily overcome by converting your Snom desk phone into a cost-effective and flexible conferencing solution by adding the Snom A230 DECT USB Stick and the C52SP/A170. Any Snom desk phone equipped with a USB port can be converted into a cost-effective and flexible conferencing solution in just three easy steps. No major investment costs, no technical effort, and no additional phone numbers are required. Just use your existing Snom desk phone as you always have done and enjoyed all the benefits of this flexible conferencing solution.


EHS Connect

The EHS is available as an accessory for all non-Snom and most of Snom’s own headsets Headsets allow users a much wider range of movement than possible with a telephone receiver. The Snom wireless headset adaptor is compatible with all Snom desk phones and creates a bridge between professional VoIP telephony and professional wireless headsets supplied by Jabra, Plantronics, and Sennheiser. Using an electronic hook switch that conforms to vendor-specific norms as well as to the DHSG standard, this adaptor makes it possible to accept calls on the headset itself. When the phone receives an incoming call, the original ringing tone is signaled in the headset, and the call can be answered and terminated on the headset.

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