One of our customers meets with the problem like this:
After logging in webclient with the extension, the customer can’t search any extensions in the search box. The customer just can search the call queues, ring groups, digital receptionists and so on.

But as usual, we can search all the extensions:

We can refer to the following steps to find out the problem:
1. Check the browser version, when we login webclient using the latest version of browser, the problem cannot be solved;
2. Check the 3CX version, and the version is the latest one too, it means it is not related to 3CX version;
3. When all the extensions login the webclient, they have the same problem;
4. After logging in the webclient with the new-created extension, just the new extension can be searched.

After making a comparison between the settings of old extension and the settings of new extension, all the old extensions enable the option:

After disabling it in each old extension, all the old extensions can be searched.