When you call in the phone system, if you do not know the extension number of the person you wish to contact, and you just know his or her name, you still can contact him or her by dialing the name. In 3CX, we can realize it like this: when we call in the 3CX server, we will go to the digital receptionist, then choose call by name, after input the first 3 digits of last name of the person, the related extension will ring.

You can refer to the steps below for configuration:

1.In the configuration page of extension, input the first name and last name, which are used for identifying the extensions. Here the length of last name is not less than 3 letters.

2.Enable the call by name feature: Record Self Identification Prompts via the voicemail menu of an extension. The user will be able to record their name which is used in the identification of the extension. The method is that the user will dial the voicemail menu extension number 9999, and input the pin number, after that, input the digit 9 then digit 5, record the prompt, for example, ‘I am Grace Liu’.

3.Set call by name in the digital receptionist, and record the option to the introduction prompt, in order to notify the caller of the option.

After finishing all the settings, we can make a test:

The keys for the first 3 digits of last name Smith and Rogers are like this:

What is more, there is a limitation of 10 users who have the same 1st 3 digits of the last name, because when they have the same 1st 3 digits of the last name, the system just can provide 10 options, for example, press 0 for extension 0000; press 1 for extension 0001, and so on until the key 9.