If the Yealink MP56 has been consistently used as a Teams phone before and you want to register it as an SIP phone to a 3CX server, you can follow the steps below to switch it to hybrid mode:

1.Find the IP address of the phone on the phone’s screen and log in to the phone’s web page. The default login account are usually admin/admin.

2.Enable phone’s SIP hybrid mode.

Method 1: Modify the configuration file

Go to Settings -> Configuration -> CFG Configuration, and click on Export.

The content of the configuration file may look like this:

Add these two lines of parameters to the configuration file:

features.hybrid_mode.enable = 1

features.hybrid_mode.quick_ball.enable = 1

After saving the configuration, import it into the phone. The phone will automatically restart at this point.


Method 2: Log in to the phone’s web page and enable the phone’s Quick ball feature:

Go to Hybrid Mode -> Basic, make sure the Hybrid mode and Quick Ball are enabled.

3.On the phone’s screen, locate the Quick ball and click on it to switch to Hybrid mode. Then, log in to the phone’s web page to configure the SIP account. Afterward, you can proceed with sip call testing.