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How to renewal 3CX SSL with PFX format


We have previously written articles describing how to renew 3CX's SSL certificate: Linux:https://3x.58voip.com/3cx-v15-v16-renewing-ssl-certificate-linux-server/ Windows:https://3x.58voip.com/3cx-v15-renewing-ssl-certificate/

How to renewal 3CX SSL with PFX format2023-08-14T16:52:37+08:00

3CX Webclient security


For users using the 3CX web client or desktop app, if the firewall on

3CX Webclient security2023-07-07T16:33:21+08:00

3CX CDR Data to a MySQL Database


Introduction: This tutorial will guide you through the process of setting up a Python

3CX CDR Data to a MySQL Database2023-04-10T15:01:23+08:00

what’s SIP Timer


One of the most common error situations in the context of VoIP SIP telephony

what’s SIP Timer2023-04-07T16:00:12+08:00
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